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Japan is an island country on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, facing China, North Korea, and South Korea across the sea.

Japan is written as 日本, with two spellingsにほん and Nihon or Nippon, which literally means "the origin of the sun". Japan is an East Asian country, covering an area of 378,000 square kilometers, and composed of four large islands and thousands of islands. It is one of the most power countries in economy in Asian, close to North Korean, South Korean and China, and the east of Russia. It has 47 administration units, with Tokyo as its capital, Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama as its large cities.

In recent years, Japan has become a famous tourist destination, and more and more people are traveling to Japan. Japan is a country with a variety of land and rich water resources, which constitutes a beautiful and magnificent scenery. The natural landscapes of all parts of Japan are beautiful all seasons, each with its own style. There are many reasons for traveling to Japan. Whether the cherry blossoms viewing in spring, Gion festival and visit of Mount Fuji in summer, red maple leaves viewing in autumn, skiing and hot springs in winter, or well-known national cuisines in Japan, shopping of cosmetics, electronic products and drugs in Japan, all of these prompt you plan a trip to Japan. Part of Japan Travel Guide gives you suggestions from top Japan tours, top attractions in Japan, culture and custom in Japan to travel tips and recommendations for your trip to Japan.

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