Travel Guide in Nanning

Travel Guide in Nanning

Nanning is the capital of Guangxi province, and a modern city with great advantages in tourism. It has a well run tourism industry with complete facilities and good quality services, from transportation, accommodation, shopping, food to tour spots. Here is a travel guide in Nanning, covering those information you may need.

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Nanning has one international airport, two railway stations and several bus stations for passenger transportation. For your arrival at or leaving from Nanning, you may take a train or take a plane. Nanning is in the south of Guangxi, you may come or leave Nanning from northern cities in Guangxi province like Liuzhou and Guilin, or from southern cities like Qinzhou and Beihai. For travelling in downtown, you may take a subway, take a bus, or take a taxi, and you should plans and check your travel courses ahead of time. This three transportation tools are convenient, while subway and public bus are cheaper. Line 1 of subway travels from Nanningdong Railway Station to Shifu, and it passes through the MIXC, Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, Jinhu Square, Nanhu Park, Chaoyang Square, Nanning Railway Station, and Nanning Zoo. If you make use of public bus for transportation, you may take No. 32 and No. 10 public buses to Qing Xiu Shan Scenic Area from Chaoyang Square, you may take No.8 public bus to Nahu Park from Chaoyang Square, and you may take a tour bus in a bus station to Da Ming Shan National Nature Reserve, or Yangmei Ancient town.

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For your accommodation, you may choose a hotel which meets your needs. Nanning has a hotel industry including hotels from simple to deluxe, and those hotels provide facilities and services according to their building standards. As a modern city, it has dozens of deluxe hotels having good environment, superior services and comfortable facilities. Li Yuan Resort is one of the best hotels, located in No.22, Qingshan Road and close to Qing Xiu Shan Scenic Area, and it gathers facilities to accommodate government officers of high level, business villa and international convention center, and other facilities like golf court, tennis court fitness room and swimming pool. Guangxi Wharton International Hotel is a five-star hotel, with 23 floors in its main building, located in Wuxiang business district and close to Nanhu Park. It has many facilities for fitness and entertainment, like KTV room and tennis court. Other deluxe hotels are like Nanning Hotel, Yongjiang Hotel, March Flower Hotel, Red Forest Hotel and Gui Jing Hotel.

Shopping and dinning in Nanning also give you an excellent experience. In business districts, you can buy goods from all over the world, and you can eat food of local flavor and exotic flavor. Nanning has many business districts, and some are well developed and have a huge visitors flow, like Chaoyan business district, Langdong-Fengling business district and Wuxiang business district. Those business districts have high rise buildings and modern shopping malls, and shopping malls gather business facilities like hundreds of stores, restaurants, and theaters, and provide services for shopping, dinning and entertainment. Nanning is inhabited with decades of ethnic groups and the Zhuang are the biggest ethnic minority, and you may experience the Zhuang culture, buy ethnic handcrafts and eat food of the Zhuang flavor.

Nanning, a southern city in China, has great advantages in its scenery, and it has developed many tour spots for sightseeing, and several gardens for leisure. For beautiful natural sceneries, you may go to tour spots like Qing Xiu Shan Scenic Area, Nanhu Park, Da Ming Shan Scenic Area, Shimen Forest Park and Nanning Zoo. In Nanning Zoo, you can see thousands of animals of hundreds of species, and you can have a joyful experience of large-scale water world which has many thrilling playing programs. For cultural sightseeing, you may go to places like Yangmei ancient town, Guangxi Museum of Nationalities, and Guangxi Science and Technology Museum.

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For a good tour experience in Nanning, here are some suggestions for you. First, Nanning is hot and humid in summer, and you may prepare sun cream sunglass, and mosquito repellent perfume. You may not prepare thick clothes since Nanning is not cold in winter. Second, if you get lost or run into troubles, you may contact your tour guide or ask for help from Chinese police by calling 110.  Third, if you want exchange money, you may go to a bank, like Bank of China.

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