Shopping in Nanning

Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, is prosperous and it has lots of resources to meet your need. It has the hustle and bustle of big city and a colorful night life, you may buy things in a late night.

Nanning has many modern and convenient shopping centers which have all kinds of facilities and provide various services, and you may find every thing you want in those shopping centers. A shopping center usually has several floors for food, clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, electronic products, supermarket, children center and so on. Here are several highly recommended shopping centers.


Wanxiangcheng(MIXC) located in No 136, Minzu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning, is a high-end shopping mall and the biggest shopping mall in Nanning, which provides services of shopping, eating, entertainment and leisure, and goods of famous brands in the world. It has department store, theater, ktv, supermarket, skating rink, restaurant and so on. So far, its skating rink is the only one made from real ice in Guangxi, and this is one of its advantages to attract tourists and customers. In this shopping center, you can eat local food from the whole Guangxi and you may eat food and desserts from other places home and abroad.

Chaoyang Plaza located in No 38, Chaoyang Road, Xingning District, Nanning, is in the old city of Nanning with the most convenient transportation, and in the business district with the biggest visitors flow. It is a shopping center, and consists of several buildings for shopping,  shopping malls, pedestrian street, and food street which gathers delicious food from the world and snacks from the China. The price of goods in this shopping center is not expensive and affordable to most people. Chaoyang Plaza is very busy, especially in evenings and weekends, and people love to come here, especially the old people, who would sing songs and have dances in the square.

Hangyang international shopping center located in No 131, Minzu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning, is a modern shopping centering on developing restaurant and leisure. It is close to Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, Wanxiangcheng and Shimen Forest Park.  Compared to Wanxiangcheng, this shopping center has a lower price in goods. It has supermarkets like Wal-Mart, and leisure facilities like Huangjiayihao, and Bailaohui theater, and restaurants providing lots of tasty food, and duty-free stores. This shopping center is in the business district of the new city, and it has a relaxing atmosphere for shopping and provides comfortable facilities for visitors. It has music fountains which would relax visitors after they have a busy shopping, has cafe bar for a leisure day, and has go-karting facilities for visitors to enjoy themselves.

Huiyue Plaza located in No 18,Qingyun street, Chaoyang Road, Xingning District is a shopping center providing facilities for eating, leisure and entertainment. It is in the center of Nanning, and has lots of visitors, and it is very busy. It is one of the best shopping places for clothes, bag, shoe and cosmetics, and close to Zhongshan Road which is a famous food street and popular among citizens. Visitors can have a good shopping, enjoy food and also watch movies in here.

There are a huge number goods in Nannning, some are of local flavor, some are of exotic flavor. What should you buy as souvenir or buy to bring home?

Nanning has several handcrafts of the Zhuang style, which are the perfect things for souvenir. The Zhuang brocade is hand-made brocade and has elements of the Zhuang style. It has a long history, and the Zhuang people use it to make bag, cloth, apron and so on. The colorful Zhuang brocade of supreme quality enjoys good reputation, and it is listed as one of the four famous brocades in China. Xiuqiu is one of the handcrafts having the Zhuang style, and it is the love token of the Zhuang young people, and a mascot to people. It is usually used as ornament and put in home. Duhegong is the handcraft popular in Sanli town of Shanglin county, which is formed in the Ming Dynasty and has a history of over four hundred years. Duhegong is a person in tales,who is made to cloth doll. Its clothing is made from various colorful cloth and it is of the Ming Dynasty style, and a pumpkin is carried by the doll’s two hands and two legs in its chest. The pumpkin is stuffed with many herbs like wormwood angelica sinensis, and atractylodes lancea, thus it has a light refreshing fragrant smell. The cloth doll of Duhegong is made to carry people’s wish for health and miss to their ancestors.

zhuang brocade

In Nanning, here are some teas of great flavors, and it is convenient for carriage. Here are three kinds of teas recommended for visitors, jasmine, honeysuckle and white maojian. Jasmine in Hengxian county has more than six hundrends years, and it has an early and long flowering phase, famous for its big flower bud, good quality, high output and intense fragrant smell. The planting area of jasmin in Hengxian amounts to 100 thousand mu, and its output is up to 80 thousand tons. Hengxian is the biggest planting base of jasmine in China. In 2000, Hengxian county is officially named “home of jasmine” by the State Forestry Bureau, and it was awarded a geographical brand as Hengxian jasmine by the Trademark Office. Honeysuckle is also a  kind of tea material, and it is widely planted in Mashan county. Its flower and leaf can be made to medicine, whether as medicine or as tea, Honeysuckle has the function of helping body to expel toxin, lowering blood pressure, and promoting metabolism. White maojian is a kind of plant which can be made to tea, and it is planted in Nanshan of Hengxian county.  The planting history of white maojian is about six hundred years, and is a famous tea in Guangxi, and it has won several awards in world expo. White maojian, as a green tea, has the function of promoting blood flow and preventing obesity, and heart disease.


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