Nanning Weather

Nanning is in the south of Guangxi, the south of the tropic of cancer, and has a climate of subtropical monsoon. It has a hot and long summer and a mild and short winter, and its average temperature of the whole year is about 21.6 ℃, thus Nanning is a warm city. It has sufficient sunshine and abundant rainfall, and its average annual rainfall is up to 1300 millimeter, and Nanning has an average relative humidity of 79%. The rainfall is concentrated in summer, and summer has the biggest rainfall and the second is spring, which makes summer humid and winter dry.


Spring is from March to May. In spring, Nanning has an average temperature of 22℃ in daytime and 16℃ in nighttime. It rains a lot, but it is not heavy in spring, which gives Nanning a big air humidity. Spring is the season of flowering, and it may have lots of pollen in air. To those weather, you don’t need to wear too many clothes, one coat is enough, and you may need a pair of water-repellent shoes. When you go out, you may need to bring an umbrella and wear mask to prevent from pollen allergy. To the air humidity, you may need to keep things dry and clean, especially food.

Travel recommendation: Huahui park or flower park is a highly recommended place for spring travelling, and it has lots of beautiful flowers in bloom. Longwushan nature reserve and botanical garden are suitable for sightseeing, since plant will grow out new and green leaves, and flowers would blossom.



Summer is from June to August. Summer is hot, sweltering and humid, and July and August are the hottest months. It has an average temperature of 29℃, and sometimes it may be over 35℃. In summer, it rains a lot and heavily, since Nanning is close to the South China Sea, and it is influenced by typhoon originated from ocean which would bring rainfall. July and August are the two months having a relatively high frequency of typhoon landing.  When a typhoon comes, there would be torrential rainfall, which may cause traffic and bring inconvenience to travelling. Thus when it rains heavily, you may stay at home. Due to its low latitude, Nanning’s summer has strong and intense ultraviolet ray, which may bring sunburn to your skin. To those summer weather, you are recommended to wear thin, sweat-absorbing shirt with sleeves, wear sunglasses and bring a sun umbrella to protect you from sunburn. When you go out, you shouldn’t forget to rub sun cream. It has a long daytime and a short nighttime, to this, you may go out in the early morning or in the evening, because the temperature of this time period would be lower. Summer of Nanning is the perfect weather for the living of mosquito which you should be away from. When you go out, you may bring mosquito repellent spray to get rid of mosquitoes, and may bring some drugs to relieve itching if you are bit by mosquitoes.

Travel recommendation: here are some highly recommended attractions, parks like Nanhu park and Shimen forest park, and scenic spots like Qingxiushan scenic spot and Damingshan scenic spot. Those places have lots of plant and a huge water area. They are cool places to be away from hot summer days.



Autumn is from September to November. Autumn of Nanning is a little hot, and it has an average temperature of 31℃ in daytime, and an average temperature  of 23℃ in nighttime. It rains a little, compared to spring and summer. But September and October is a frequent period of typhoon landing, which will bring rainfall. This season is suitable for mountain-climbing, hiking and camping.

Travel recommendation: Mountains in places like Qingxiushan, Damingshan and Longwushan are suitable for climbing, mountains like Baizhaoshan and Liuhuaishan  are suitable for hiking and cycling. Sports park is suitable for doing sports, which has various sports facilities, like swimming pool, tennis court and climbing wall



Winter is from December to February. Winter of Nanning is mild, and January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 12.8℃. sometimes, it may have an extreme cold temperature of 2 ℃ in winter. In winter, it has little rainfall,and when it rains, it rains lightly and lasts for several days, but it doesn’t snow. In general, winter of Nanning is not cold, and you don’t need to wear down coat, and a cloth jacket would be warm enough.

Travel recommendation: in winter, you may go to Damingshan to watch the beautiful scenery of rime. The temperature of Damingshan in winter may be below zero degree, and when it rains or has fog, there is a probability of having rime. Moreover, you may go to Jiahecheng to take a bath in a hot spring. Jiahecheng has natural hot springs, which would give you a comfortable and relaxing bath.


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