Nanning Transportation

Nanning has a modern and convenient transportation net, from land, air to water transportation, which provides maximal convenience to city transportation and economic development. Nanning is a transportation artery, and it has great importance in transportation from southwest to east, from south to north, which forms a dense network of transportation.


Land Transportation

In the intra-city transportation, people usually make use of bus, private car,subway, taxi and electro-mobile. Nanning has a dense net of public bus transportation, and it has over 100 bus lines, and Nanning has built 22 courses especially for bus rapid transit lane. Every bus lines have dozens of stops, and the interval distance between two stops is from 200 to 1000 meters, which is very convenient for city travelling. Nanning has seven long distance bus stations which have been in serve, and one station is under construction. Long distance bus may bring passengers from one city to another city within  a province or across provinces. With the rapid development of bike sharing, people tend to ride a bike in short-distance transportation.For a fast travelling within the city, subway is available.


There are lots of well-kept roads and newly-built roads in Nanning.  Roads to the outside are divided to national highway and expressway. Nanning has eight national highways leading to other major cities in China, like No. 325 national highway from Nanning to Guangzhou. No. 209 national highway is from Inner Mongolia in the north to Beihai in the south and passes thourgh Nanning.  In terms of expressway, there are city expressways and expressways leading to other cities and provinces. Nanning city expressway has a total length of about 82 kilometers, which circles core areas in Nanning. The new Nanning city expressway has a length of about 80 kilometers, which is the out ring road of Nanning. There are two airport expressways, the first one is 18.4 kilometers long, from Nahong to the airport, and the second one is 19.4 kilometers long, from Yudong to airport, which is a dual six-lane expressway. Expressway from Wuxu airport to Datang county in Liangqing district is under construction, having an expected length of 39.7 kilometers, which connects with Nanyou expressway. Guangxi borders on Guangdong, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan provinces and Vietnam. Thus Nanning has expressways going to those places. Nanyou expressway is from Nanning to Youyiguan in Vietnam, and has a length of 180 kilometers, which is the expressway directly linking Guangxi to Vietnam, and convenient to trips between Guangxi and Vietnam. Nanbai expressway with a length of 257 kilometers is from Nanning to Baise, which is a section of the expressway from Guangzhou to Kuming. Dunan express with a length of 141 kilometers is from Nanning to Du'an, and it is a section of the expressway from Lanzhou to Haikou, which goes through Guizhou.

nanningdong railway station

Railway is one of frequently-used ways of transportation, it is much longer than other roads, leading to everywhere in China. Nanning has lines of railway going to cities in the north like Beijing and Heilongjiang, to cities in the northwest like Urumchi, and  Xinning, to cities in the southwest like Chengdu and Kuming, and to cities in the east like Shanghai Guangzhou and Haikou. Nanning has five railway stations, Nanning Railway Station, Nanningnan Railway Station, Nanningbei Railway Station, Nanningdong Railway Station, and Nanningxi Railway Station. Nanningnan Railway Station is mainly used for cargo transportation, and Nanning Railway Station is usually used by fast trains. Most high speed trains and high speed bullet trains stop at Nanningdong Railway Station. And there are buses to those railway stations, and Nanning rail transit line 1 goes to Nanningdong Railway Station, and line 2 goes to Nanning railway station.

Air Transportation

nanning wuxu international airport

Nanning has one airport, Nanning Wuxu International Airport, which is a military and civil airport, and built in 1958 and put into serve in 1962. In 1989, it was renovated and its related facilities were improved. Its runways were lengthened, standards of take-off and landing were improved, and new flight courses were increased. In 2015, its passenger throughput was  over 10 million person-times for the first time, and became the first airport in Guangxi having a passenger throughput of ten million person-times. In 2016, Nanning WuxuInternational Airport had 160 flight courses which included 126 domestic flight courses, and 29 international flight courses and five regional courses, and those flight courses went to 102 cites which included 73 domestic cites, 24 international cities and five regional cities. The international cities are mainly in countries of Southeast Asia and East Asia, like South Korean, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

T2 terminal has three floors, the first floor is used for baggage claim, and it has 8 turntables, which include 2 for international flights, and 6 for domestic fights. The second floor is used for transfer and landing. The third floor is used for departure, it has five gates, gate 1 is for international departure, and gates 2-5 is for international departure. In the departure lounge, there are five check-in islands, A,B,C,D,E, and A check-in island is used for check-in formalities of international flights, and other check-in islands are used for check-in formalities of domestic flights.

You may go to the airport or leave the airport by taking a taxi or an airport shuttle bus. There are three courses for airport shuttle buses. Course one is from Nanning Railway Station to the airport, and buses leave the railway station from 5: 30, and then every 30 minutes, until 22:30. Course two is from Wharton international hotel to the airport and via Jiangnan passenger station, and buses leave the hotel from 5: 30, and then every 30 minutes, until 21:00. Course 3 is from Xixiangtang animal zoo( Vienna International Hotel) to the airport, and buses leave Xixiangtang from 6:00 to 19:00. The price for a ticket of airport shuttle bush is 20 yuan.

Water Transportation

Nanning is one of the largest inland ports, and it is used for cargo transportation. People rarely use water transportation, because it costs too much time.


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