Nanning landmark

Nanning is a modern city, with many landmarks which represent its economic development, culture and spirit. The following is an introduction of some landmarks in Nanning.

Longguang shiji is the highest building in Nanning, which consists of a hotel-office building and an apartment-office building. The hotel-office building has 82 floors, 400 meters high, and the apartment-office building has 54 floors and 180 meters high. It has four underground floors for parking.

longguang shiji

Diwang international commerce center in Nanning, is one of the biggest buildings in Guangxi, having a building height of 218 meters and a total height of 276 meters, and the overall floorage is about 130 thousand square meters. It is the first ultra high-rise building in Nanning, and a 5A class office building, and situates in Wuxiang plaza. This area is the core of central business area which has complete business supporting facilities, like shopping mall, banks, hotels, and government agencies. It has 58 floors, and the top of the building is equipped with parking apron for helicopter and observation deck. There are two elevators at a speed of 4 meters per second taking visitors from the ground floor directly to the observation floor. The sightseeing in the observation floor is divided into ten zones, and each zone has its own special eye-catching things. In the observation deck, visitors have a bird's eye view of the whole Nanning.

Nanning international convention and exhibition center is a building complex which consists of main buildings, convention plaza, Minge plaze and administrative buildings, and the main buildings are made up of meeting halls, exhibition halls and large-scale banquet halls. It covers an area of 150 thousand square meters, includes 14 exhibition halls of different sizes and 3000 standard boothes, and has a multi-purpose hall which can accommodate 1000 people, 5 meeting rooms for more than 100 people, and 8 meeting rooms of different standards. It is the permanent site of China-Asian expo, and designed by GMP design firm and Hualan group. The building on the roof of the multi-purpose hall is designed from Hibiscus rosa-sinensis linn, city flower of Nanning, and its twelve petals symbolize 12 ethnic groups in Guangxi, and the flower symbolizes the unity of ethnic groups, which is the most eye-catching sign in this center, and the soul of this center.

Jiuzhou internation building located in the Dongmeng shangwu district, or ASEAN business district, is a 5A office building, 318 meters high and covers an area of about 11 thousand square meters. It is a comprehensive super high-rise building having five-star hotels, shopping malls and high-end offices. It has 71 floors above the ground and 6 floors under the ground,  the underground floors and the first floor are used for parking, floors from the ground floor to the fifth floor are used for business, floors from the sixth to the twenty-fifth are for hotel, and floors from the twenty-sixth to the seventy-first are office floors. Its surrounding has related supporting facilities, like business supporting facilities and bank facilities. To business supporting facilities, it is close to Wanxiangcheng, Hangyan international shopping center, Nanning international convention and exhibition center and so on. To scenery attraction, it is close to Shimen forest park, and Qingxiushan scenic spot.


longxiang tower

Longxiang tower is located in a mountain called Qing Xiu Shan and the riverbank of Yong River. In the name of this tower, long refers to dragon, and xiang refers to elephant, and its name comes from Buddhism doctrine: in water, dragon has the greatest power, and in land, elephant has the strongest power. It was first built in 1619, and bombed by the Japan military planes in 1937 during the Anti-Japanese War. Then it was rebuilt according to its original shape and construction by the Nanning government in 1985. Longxiang tower is built in a place which has an elevation of 204 meters, and it has nine floors, 52.35 meters high, 12 meters wide. Each floor is in octagon shape, and every floor has a double overhung eave which has green glazed tiles. Copper bells are hung under the angles of the eave in each floor, and every floor has 72 copper bells. There are stairs inside the tower, and by the stairs, visitors can go the top floor which has a good view of the surrounding scenery.

xinhui shuyuan

Xinhui Shuyuan, is built in the Qing Dynasty, and is well preserved, and it is listed as a protected historic site. It has two buildings, one is in Nanning, and another is in Guangdong province. The existing site of the one in Nanning is 55 meters long, and 20 meters wide, and has three halls and two corridors. The building is made from wood, and stone, and has the style of Lingnan district.

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