Entertainment in Nanning

Entertainment in Nanning

During your tour in Nanning, you may go to sightsee its scenery or have a cultural experience, and you may have some entertainment activities like local people do. There is a series of entertainment activities which will attract you and meet your personal needs.

Upon your arrival at Nanning, you may go to Minge lake to take a cruise to see Nanning. Minge lake is developed as a scenic spot, and its cruise goes through two lakes, Minge lake, and Nanhu lake, which will give you a general view about Nanning. Night cruise is suggested for you to schedule in your tour plan, and you would see Nanning's beautiful night scenery in a night cruise. Besides, in this scenic spot, there is a central stage for performance in the lake, and a pub street. If your coming is in a good time, you may watch some performances of local style and exotic style. In night, the pub street is popular among tourists and local people, and you may have a drink in here.

pub street

For a cultural and art tour, you may go to an art theater to see performances like  opera, drama, and stage play. If you are interested in Yong opera, which is a local opera performance in Guangxi, and performed in a local dialect. Yong opera has its own performance style, and performance dressing, different from other operas like Beijing opera. It may perform stories about the Zhuang people, folk tales and historical stories. In watching such a performance, you might not read its language, but you may know its stories by reading performers' facial and body language and through the stage atmosphere. After watching such a performance, you may get closer to art and have some special understanding about Chinese art.  Or you may plan your tour during the Sanyuesan Festival, which is one of the most important festivals to the Zhuang people.  During this festival, you may watch lots of performances, which are held in different districts and counties in Nanning. The most popular performances are Shan'ge and ethnic dances. Shan'ge is a performance form of singing by the Zhuang people who have beautiful voices for singing.

performance in central stage

Except above entertainment activities, there are some common activities. Climbing mountain is one popular activity to local people all year round. Nanning has many mountains which have different sceneries in four seasons, which attracts local people and tourists to go. Here are several mountains suitable for such an activity, Qing Xiu Shan, Da Ming Shan and Long Hu Shan, which have climbing courses for tourists.  Horse riding is available in a stud-farm and some scenic areas as an entertainment activities for tourists. In a stud-farm, you may have a horse riding, have a barbecue, shoot arrows, and go fishing, and it is a paradise for outdoor sports.  Some entertainment activities like singing, dancing, may be conducted in downtown business districts which have facilities like KTV, dancing club, pub, and cafe house.

mountain climbing

After a day's tour,  there is a leisure activity for you to relax yourself:  take a bath in a hot spring, which will relax your body and your nerve and remove your tiredness. A hot spring center has many facilities and provides various services, and you may have a bath in a natural hot spring, you may have a bath in a hot spring mixed with Chinese medicinal materials, which are considered as a  health care. You may have a swimming in a pool, may play sports like badminton and tennis, and you may have a spa or massage. Except this, a spring hot center may have facilities like hotel, restaurant, barbecue yard, tea house, and conference hall. In such a hot spring center, you will have a leisure and comfortable day.

jiuquwan hot spring


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