Hezhou travel tips

Basic Informaiton

Chinese Name: 贺州 (hè zhōu)
English Name: Hezhou or Hocouh

Population: 2,425,000  
Area: 11,855 square kilometers 

Ethnic Minorities: Han and over 20 minorities of Zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao, Hui, Manchu, Dong, Molao, Li, Tujia and others.
Area Code: (+86)0774
Post Code: 542899 or 542800

Climate: Subtropical Monsoon Climate

Language: Mandarin is recognized widely in cities and major tourism regions.

Famous scenic spots: Mt. Gupo, huangyao ancient town, jade stone forest, 18 water eco-park, hot spring etc.


Useful Telephone Numbers:

Fire: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120

Weather Forecast: 12121

Consumers' Complaint: 12315

Environmental complaint: 12369

Tourism Complaint: 0774-5123402


Post Offices:

Hezhou post office: No. 31 Jianshe middle road

Telephone: 0774-5293742


Babu branch: No.8 xinbei north road

Telephone: 0774-5282145


Xiwan branch: North Dongfa street


Remin branch: No.16 tiyu road


Zhongshan county branch: No.8 guangchang road, zhongshan county

Telephone: 0774-8982309


Fuchuan county branch: No.30 xinjian road, Fuchuan yao autonomous county.



Hejie branch: No.53 Hedong street, hejie town

Telephone: 0774-5021123




Money exchange is offered in any one of the exchange counters of local branches of Bank of China.

Bank of China:95566

Hezhou branch: No.80 jianshe east road, Babu district, Hezhou city.

Telephone: 0774-5125540

Shanghai street branch: No. 83, anshan west road, Hezhou city.

Telephone: 0774-5127806

Xiangyang road branch: No.52, xiangyang road, Babu district, Hezhou city.

Telephone: 0774-5282003

Zhongfa street branch: No. 65, xiwan zhongfa street, pinggui district.

Lingfeng branch: No.1 Lingfeng street, Babu district.


Public Security Bureau

Hezhou Public Security Bureau: No.18 Hezhou da road, Hezhou city

Telephone: 0774-5138110

Pinggui branch: No.33, pinggui road, pinggui district, Hezhou city

Babu branch: No.2 Jianshe west road, Babu district, Hezhou city

Entry–Exit Administration Department of Hezhou Municipal Public Security Bureau: 0774-5136800



The People's Hospital

Founded in February 1926, this hospital is a third-class comprehensive hospital.

Address: No.150 xiyue street, Babu district

Telephone: 0774-5282358  

Arrival: Take bus no. 6, 7, 11, and get off at the experimental primary school stop or take No. 1, 2, 3, 5 bus to the "yucai road kindergarten" stop. .

Traditional Chinese medicine hospital

Address: No. 48, longshan road, Babu district, Hezhou city.

Telephone: 0774-5130438


Guangji Hospital

Address: No. 33, chengxi road, Babu district, Hezhou city

Telephone: 0774-5221000



Hezhou university

Address: No.18 xihuan road, Babu district, Hezhou city.

Zip Code: 542899
Tel: 0774-5228600
Tax: 0774-5228605

Hezhou vocational college

Address: No. 58, chengxi road, Hezhou city.

Zip Code: 542899
Tel: 0774-3303198
Tax: 0774-5203103



Hezhou International Hotel

star rating: 4 stars

Address: No. 183 Jianshe east road, Babu district, Hezhou city.

Tel: (0774)5663333

Vienna international hotel

star rating: 4 stars

Address: No. 1, lingfeng pedestrian street, Babu district, Hezhou city

Tel: (0774)2566666

Huatai Hotel:4.5 stars

Address: No. 1, zhenlong road, fuchuan yao autonomous county, Hezhou city.

Tel: (0774)7899999



Railway customer service center: 12306

booking Railway ticket: 95105105

Hezhou railway station: Hezhou station, Babu district, Hezhou city.

Tel: (0774)5626392

Hezhou bus terminal: The intersection of nanhuan road and guangming road, Babu district, Hezhou city

Tel: (0774)5283263

The East bus station: No.50 Bada middle road, Babu District, Hezhou city


Hezhou Lingfeng Train ticket outlet

Opening hours: 08:00-18:00

Address: No.2 , Lingfeng North Road, Babu District, Hezhou City, Guangxi


Hezhou lingfeng south train ticket outlet

Opening hours: 08:30-18:00

Address: No.316, lingfeng street road,Babu district, Hezhou, guangxi.


Hezhou Xinxing train ticket outlet

Opening hours: 08:30-17:30

Address: No.32, xinbei road, Babu district, Hezhou city, guangxi (Suifeng Hotel)




Hezhou Christian church

Address: No.129, Jianshe middle road, Babu district

Telephone: (0774)5285117


Zhaoping Christian church

No.199 Xinmin Street, zhaoping county



Local Toilets are worth mentioning since they are free, unlike those in most cities in China. All the toilets are beautifully decorated with advanced equipments.

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