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Special Local Product 

Huangyao Black Bean Sauce

Huangyao black bean sauce is famous for its place of origin. After more than a dozen generations of research, it is made of the unique black beans of Huangyao town, immortal well water and indigenous ancient handicrafts. Black bean sauce, sealwort liquor and black tea are considered to be Huangyao’s three treasures, and are top choices with visitors to the city.)

Fuchuan Navel Orange

Navel orange belongs to citrus and Fuchuan has a long history of growing citrus. Fuchuan navel orange is very high quality, famous for its bright color, tender pulp, rich flavor and no nuclear. In 2006, Fuchuan navel orange won the first place of nationwide 96 well-known navel orange PK competitions and becoming the tastiest navel orange in China. It has many functions such as promoting the secretion of saliva and quenching thirst, warm stomach and invigorate spleen.


Zhaoping Green Tea

Zhaoping green tea is the specialty of zhaoping county, hezhou city. It enjoys a good reputation the nation by the “three green and four beauty”, namely the green appearance, the green tea soup, the green tea leaf and the tea shape beauty, tea soup beauty, the tea fragrant beauty, the tea flavor beauty. Zhaopin green tea is a certified mark by the national geographic.


Xindu Three-yellow Chicken

Xindu three-yellow chicken is famous for its yellow feather, yellow beak and yellow claws. There are many variations in the cooking techniques of the three-yellow chicken, among which the most delicious is the white-cut chicken. It retains the original flavor of chicken, making the meat soft and sweet, freshy and tender.


Xindu Red Melon Seeds

Xindu red melon seeds or Hezhou red melon seeds, is one of Guangxi’s well-known traditional export products, sold to more than thirty countries and regions in the world. Xindu Red Melon Seeds fame with its large seeds, deep red color, fragrant smell, long-term preservation without faded, not mildew and not living insects.


Zhaoping Black Tea

The shape of the black tea is tight and curly, the grain is uniform and compact, the color is black bloom and goldcord, the tea soup is red and bright, and the rim is bright and bright, the tea leaf is red and light, the tea bud is well-balanced. The aroma is high and lasting, the taste is heavy and mellow, the flavor is mild and smooth. It is very persistent in the mouth.

Yao Embroidery

The Yao embroidery is one of the traditional Chinese hand embroidery, which is an important part of Chinese embroidery culture, and it has great scientific value, practical value and artistic value. Yao embroidery uses red, yellow, white, black and other colors silk threads as the material, with black cloth, blue cloth or white cloth as the base. Yao embroidery not only appears on clothes or but also can make an individual embroidery. Yao embroidery features colorful, elegant and handcrafted. Yao embroidery is exported to southeast Asia, and also popular in Europe.  


Chrismatite are native to Lisong village, Babu district, Hezhou.

Those stones are solid in texture, bright in color, strange in shape, unique in form. They are decorative.


Where to buy

The city's shopping centers converge at Xiangyang Road, Binjiang Road and Shanghai road Area. Here you can buy a mass of merchandise, with everything from souvenirs and street stall items to supermarket and department stores goods on offer. Shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets and especially small stands are widely scattered in the areas around Xiangyang road offering products ranging from souvenirs to living and travelling necessities. The following list may help you to have a pleasant shopping experience.


Shengnon Department

Address: No. 1, anshan road, hezhou city.


Nanning Department

Address: No.8 lingfeng south road, eight-step district, hezhou city.


Tongluo Bay Commercial Plaza

Address: At the interchange of xiangyang road and pingan road.


Hongkong Shopping Mall

Address: No.12, pingan west road, Babu district, hezhou.

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