Hehzou landmark building

Landmark building is a structure that has significant historical, architectural, or cultural meaning. Hezhou is located at the convergent area jointing up Guangxi, Hunan and Guangdong provinces. Let’s take a look at some of the landmarks in hezhou.


Lingfeng Major Bridge

The Lingfeng Bridge is a hybrid girder cable-stayed bridge with a single tower and one cable planes, it has a total length of 465 meters and a subgrade width of 23 meters and the project adopts a two-way, four-lane, first-grade highway standard. On both sides of the bridge, a three-meter wide sidewalk is left for people to travel and walk. The bridge directly connects the downtown area and the Jiangnan New District. It will play a positive role in the economic and cultural development of Hezhou City, especially in promoting the development of the Jiangnan New Area. It is also one of the important channels for alleviating urban traffic pressure and facilitating residents' travel. Lingfeng Bridge has become a landmark of Hezhou. It will not only facilitate the exchanges between the people on both sides of the River, but also promote the economic development on the other side.


Hezhou Railway Station

Hezhou Railway Station is situated at east side of Huangtian street, Huangtian town in Pinggui District. Built in 2009, Hezhou railway station is under the jurisdiction of Nanning railway bureau. Hezhou Railway Station has a unique train platform and is the only one that a station with two train platforms in Guangxi. The design of Hezhou Railway Station reflects the humanistic care and natural philosophy. The ratio of passenger waiting hall area to the total building area ranks first among the railway stations in Guangxi. The design of the Hezhou Railway Station Platform is stylish and it is a double-span four-station platform with a canopy. From the moment passengers enter the station, they are protected from the rain and sunlight, reflecting the same humanistic care as the “airport”.


Hezhou Garden Expo Park

Hezhou Garden Expo Park takes the concept of “Landscape celebration and Poetic Homesickness” as its design philosophy, and strives to display the world longevity brand of “Ecological Hezhou • Longevity Resort”. The park is located in Babu District and Pinggui District of Hezhou City. It covers an area of 1,405 acres, and the total investment is about 740 million yuan. The Urban Exhibition Park has formed three clusters of “Land of Nannan, City of Qishan, and City of Water”, which fully demonstrates the landscape characteristics of 14 different cities in Guangxi.


Hezhou Cultural Center

Hezhou Cultural Center is an important people-benefit project in Hezhou City and is the city's first large-scale non-profit cultural facility. It plays an important role in the cultural life of Hezhou people. The Hezhou City Cultural Center has 1,355 large theaters, three movie theaters outside the theater, one concert hall, conference rooms, art business training rooms and VIP rooms. The cultural center is undoubtedly of epoch-making significance to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the general public, broaden the urban living space, enhance the city’s cultural strength and strengthen external communication and exchanges, shape the city brand of Hezhou as well as enhance the urban image of Hezhou.


Love Lotus Lake Park

The park name stems from the article Ode to the Lotus Flower by Song dynasty historical celebrity Zhou Duiyi. The article praises the Lotus is gentlemen's flowers. Lotus Lake Park is located in Chengdong New District, Hezhou. The total area of the park is 1,482 acres (including 554 acres of water area). The park presents a fascinating landscape. A large number of lotus plants and various plants have been planted in the lake. There are several kilometers of lake shore circulation walkways. Observation decks, curved bridges, plank roads and pavilions are equipped in the park. The lake and the urban areas are connected, making it a good place for citizens to take a leisure and stroll.

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