Hezhou Food

Every place has its own unique specialties. Hezhou, a small city situated at the border of Hunan province, Guangdong Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is also known as the “The capital of longevity food in China”.


Traditional dishes


Xindu Three-yellow Chicken

Xindu three-yellow chicken is famous for its yellow feather, yellow beak and yellow claws. There are many variations in the cooking techniques of the three-yellow chicken, among which the most delicious is the white-cut chicken. It retains the original flavor of chicken, making the meat soft and sweet, freshy and tender.

Hezhou Niang Dishes

Niang is a traditional yet unique cooking method of combining various ingredients for stuffing (usually consisting of meat or egg) into a type of carrier (made of vegetables or bean products), then braising, boiling or frying them together. The most distinctive dishes in Hezhou is a variety of home-cooked niang dishes: melon niang, tofu niang, bamboo shoots niang, eggplant niang, pepper niang, etc…According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 100 kinds of niang dishes in hezhou, and you can get a taste of the home-cooked niang dishes in all the seasons.

Nanxiang duck

Nanxiang duck, or south township shelduck is favored by the vast majority of consumers, with the feature of smooth and tender meat. The duck is boiled in a pot for 20 minutes and then cut it into pieces. Eating the white-cut duck with the seasoning that made of black bean sauce, ginger, salt, oil, shallot and garlic is palatable

Huangtian Pork

Huangtian pork is made up of taro, pork, fermented bean curd and various other ingredients. The pork and taro cubes are fried separately and then steamed together, so each piece is golden on the outside and soft and flavorful on the inside. It tastes fresh and not greasy.

Tianluo soup

Tianluo soup is a great opener or appetizing dish. Some river snails are stewed with ingredients in a covered porcelain pot for a few minutes. The taste is different and the river snail has the function of nourishing Yin and reinforcing kidney.

Yao ethnic Smoked Bacon

Yao ethnic smoked bacon is the local flavor of Hezhou and the main producing are is the Fuchuan Yao autonomous county. Select the original authentic farm pork as raw material, marinate with Yao’s unique rice wine to create a healthy bacon with thick meat flavor, good taste, fat but not greasy features.

Local snacks


Beef Intestine Suan, or beef offal suan is one of the most famous snacks in Hezhou. Wash clean beef offal, cut the offal into small pieces. Then cook in the soup of secret sauce and skewer with bamboo sticks. Finally, dip it into some sour and spicy sauce. The taste is wonderful.

Water Chestnut Cake, as the name implies, is steamed with water chestnut flour and sugar water. The cooked water chestnut cake become almost translucent, can fold and not crack, with soft, slippery, cool, tough and compatible characteristics. It tastes fresh and tender with a little sweet.

Mafeng Bean Jelly is a popular beverage specially in hot summer. Mafeng bean jelly looks glittering and translucent, tastes fresh and smooth and can stimulate taste bud, appetite big vibration. There are some new varieties: sour plum bean jelly, honey bean jelly, coconut milk bean jelly, mint jelly, etc.

Huishui zongzi is a traditional snack that refers to glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in a bamboo leaf. Huishui zongzi can be divide into two kind: salty and sweet. Salty zongzi is filled with sesame, peanut, pork, etc. And sweet zongzi has no filling, softer than salty zongzi and can dip in white sugar, brown sugar or honey to eat. Boiled rice dumplings have a light fragrance and appear plump and round.

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