Hezhou entertainment

Hezhou is not only a charming ancient city, but also a modern city full of excitement. You may join the revelry teams that celebrate the folk custom festival, go to the ancient town to enjoy night scene, go to the bar for drinks. There is always a good way to entertain yourself in hezhou.


Hezhou Museum

It is located at No. 65 Tiyu Road, Shanxi Province, Lingfeng, in the center of the city. The Hezhou Museum is a comprehensive humanities museum that collects and displays historical and cultural relics, national folk cultural relics, revolutionary cultural relics, and commemorative cultural relics within the city of Hezhou. The collections in the museum are very rich. The time span was nearly three million years and it has continued throughout history. At this comprehensive museum visitors can catch a clear clue of the development of hezhou folk customs. Apart from affluent exhibits, there are also scenic spots that are open throughout the day, including the Old City of Linhe, Luqu Mountain, Longjing Folk House, Folk Custom Hall, Hanhun Exhibition Hall, Huangtian Ancient Theatre, etc.


Lingfeng Square

Lingfeng square has many visitors. If you are visiting hehzou for the first time, it is much safer to go lingfeng square for the night life. Lingfegn square is a comprehensive square integrating Hezhou's politics, economy, culture, education and people's entertainment, has become the popular place to go. Every building has a modern interior and has become an fashion shop, themed restaurant, coffee house or bar. Bars are where young white collars discuss their work or talk about life; even hard questions on the desk get solved here! Open-air coffee bars are popular here also. Lingfeng square offers the most choice and favorable appreciation.


Folk Custom

Central Plains Culture, Baiyue Culture, Xiang Chu Culture and many other cultures converge here. The special historical culture has created many cultural landscapes and historical sites in Hezhou. The ancient city of Linhe, Yuyin Fushan, square Hakka enclosed houses, Wenbi Pagoda and Millennium Osmanthus well are the famous scenic spots in hezhou. The ethnic customs of hezhou are colorful: Yao people's "panwang festival", "valentine's day", "beating oil tea", "changgu dance"; Zhuang people's "March three", "temple fair", "gun period", "huomao dance"; Miao people's "lusheng dance" and other quaint folk customs. You can experience the local custom in the festivals.


Huangyao Ancient Town Nightlife

The scenery at night has to be seen and huangyao ancient town is a must. Huang Yao Ancient Town is located in the northeast of Zhaoping County, Hezhou, Guangxi, which is Historical and Cultural Famous Towns in China. The ancient town take on a new and exciting look as they are lit up by an abundance of red lanterns. Although it is an ancient street, there are many modern things like WIFI, bars, coffee, etc. It is very stylish and tasteful. Travelers can wander the streets and then enjoy a cruise along the River. A night-time Huangyao River cruise presents a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the night life.


Movie Theater

Dadi movie theather

Address: 4 floor of Yuandong mansion, no.8 lingfeng south road, babu district, hezhou city.

Tianli movie theather

Address: :3 floor, Hong Kong city, no. 39, riyue street, babu district, hezhou city.


Universal international cinema.

Address:5th floor, building B, xuri square, xingzhong road, zhongshan county, hezhou city


Zhaoping xingguang movie theather

Address: 4th floor, shengshi diwang building, no. 19, dongning middle road, zhaoping town, zhaoping county.




Lihui club

Address: No. 89, ping'an west road, babu district.


Surprise club

Address: No. 82, longshan road, babu district

Nali club

Address: No.198, xingguang road, babu district.


Song&song club

Address: No.73, south of hezhou avenue, pinggui district, hezhou

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