Shopping in Guilin

Though Guilin is a small city, it is an international tourism city with rich tourism resource, and has mature supporting facilities for tourism, like catering, and sales. It has lots of merchandises from home and abroad in shopping centers and stores.

Shopping Center

Zhongshan road is the main road in Guilin, and it runs through Guilin from the south to the north. It can be divided to Zhongshan south road, Zhongshan middle road, and Zhongshan north road. There are hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, bus station, railway station, and plaza along the road. If you don't know where to go to kill time, you may stroll along this road, and you will find things interesting.

Here are  some highly recommended shopping centers, like Wei xiao tang, Mengzhidao department, Wanda Plaza, Wankelong shopping plaza, Bagui dasha Guiln department store, and Nancheng deparment store. Those shopping centers have various merchandises, and have comfortable shopping facilities, and provide services in eating and drinking, shopping and entertainment.

Wei xiao tang is one of the oldest shopping centers in Guilin with a history of over ten years. It has eight floors from the underground to the top, with a fresh food supermarket in the ground floor and it has enormous merchandises, like food, clothes, hat, jewelry, cosmetics and household appliance. Its open time is from 9:00 to 22:30, and it is located in No. 37, Zhongshan middle road, Xiufeng district, in the downtown, and has convenient transportation. Mengzhidao department or dream island department is a chain shopping center in Guangxi, located in No 20. Zhongshan middle road, Xiufeng district, and it provides services in eating and drinking, shopping and entertainment.

Zhengyang pedestrian street is in the center of Guilin, with a great visitors flow, and it is one of busiest streets. This street has lots of stores, selling clothes, shoe, accessories, food and drinks, and the price of those goods is not expensive, and affordable to most people. Strolling along the street, enjoying delicious food, and having a comfortable shopping are a great experience.  It  is a perfect shopping center. One end of the street is close to the a tour spots, named Two Rivers and Four Lakes. After shopping,  shoppers may seat and rest themselves in the lakeside, and enjoy its beautiful scenery.

Recommended Goods

Three treasures of Guilin refer to Sanhua jiu, chili sauce and fermented tofu. Sanhua jiu is a kind of hard liquor. As a rice fragrance baijiu, it is  distilled from rice. Guilin has more than one thousand years of brewing liquor, and Sanhua jiu is the best liquor in Guilin, and it was rated as Guangxi famous liquor. Though Sanhua jiu is a liquor, it also has medical use and cooking use. Chili sauce and fermented tofu are seasoning, usually used as appetizer or added to other food.

Osmanthus fragrans is a local plant in Guilin, and it could be found everywhere. Its flower has several uses, can be used to make dessert, liquor and perfume. There are some goods , osmanthus cake, osmanthus jelly, osmanthus liquor and osmanthus sachet.

Guiln has many kinds of local teas, like osmanthus tea, tippy tea, siraitia grosvenorii. Osmanthus tea/ 桂花茶 is a kind of flower tea, caffeine-free, rich in vitamin B-3 and antioxidants, and made from osmanthus fragans. It is slightly sweet and has a fragrant aroma, and it may be mixed with other teas, like green tea. It has the benefits of whitening skin, expelling toxin in body and balancing nervous system. Tippy tea/ 毛尖茶, a kind of green tea, is rich in minerals, like potassium and selenium, and has the benefits of preventing from high blood and cancer. It is produced in places surrounding to Yao shan mountain, and the tea leaves are picked in April. Siraitia grosvenorii tea/ 罗汉果茶 is made from siraitia grosvenorii fruit, rich in vitamin C, and sugar, and has the benefits of curing chronic pharyngitis, antitusive and lowering blood sugar levels. Siraitia grosvenorii is mainly planted in Yongfu county, home of siraitia grosvenorii.

siraitia grosvenorli tea

Guilin has other local products like Lipu taro, Gongcheng persimmon. Lipu taro is a  kind of taro planted in Lipu county, and a material of a dish, braised meat/ 扣肉. It  is well-known in China, and one of tributes to the Emperor in the Qing dynasty. Gongcheng persimmon is a kind of fruit planted in Gongcheng county, and this fruit may be freshly eaten when it is mature, and it may be eaten after it is made to dried.

Guilin has lots of  stores selling Guilin special goods, which are usually located in places with a great visitors flow. Those stores are everywhere, and they may be close to hotels, shopping centers, bus stations and railway stations, and they may be in tourist attractions.

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