Guangxi Travel Guide

Traveling in Guangxi, you may need a travel guide to check some useful information and get help directly from it.

Booking Tickets

nanning railway station

For travelling in Guangxi, you need to book tickets for transportation. Your ID or passport is a necessity for buy a ticket for train and flight in China. For train ticket, you may go to train station to buy a ticket. And you may use phone and computer to book a train ticket. There is a national website for booking train tickets: www. and a hotline for booking train tickets: 95105105. When using the hotline, you may need to add area code, and the area code of Guangxi  is from 0770 to 0779.  There are also many apps for booking train and flight tickets in phone, like 12306, Qunar, Xiecheng. After booking tickets, you may go to train station, and take your ticket in the ticket lobby.  For flight ticket, you may use phone and computer to buy one, or you may go to selling agency.

Useful Number

police car

The Police Emergency Number is 110; the Medical Emergency Number: 120; the Fire Emergency number is 119. When you have any trouble in Guangxi, you may call 110, and police would help you to solve your problems.

Tourism Development Commission is the office governing affairs about tourism in Guangxi. Its website of Guangxi tourism development commission is: www., and you may check the price of attraction tickets in Guangxi and rules and regulations of tourism  from this website. and the hotline exclusive for Guangxi travel is: 0771-12301.

In China, every city has its area code for fixed-line telephone, and zip code for mailing. And the area code and zip code for cities in Guangxi are listed in the below:

Fangchenggang 0770 538000      Chongzuo 0771  532200

Nanning 0771 530000          Liuzhou 0772  545000

Laibin 0772 546100           Guilin 0773 541000

Hezhou 0774 542800           Wuzhou 0774  543000

Guigang 0775 537100          Yulin 0775 537000

Baise 0776  533000          Qinzhou 0777 535000

Hechi  0778 547000          Beihai 0779 536000

You may need zip code if you mail a parcel. There are many express companies providing international serve, like SF express, ZTO express



If you are a foreigner travelling in Guangxi, and you are in troubles or need to run affairs, you may need help from consulates of your country in China.

if you are American travelling in Guangxi and you need to go to the consulates to run affairs, you should go to U.S. Consulates General Guangzhou which serves four provinces, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hainan. Its address is 43 Hua Jiu Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China,  510623. Its website is

If you are British travelling Guangxi and you need to go to the consulates to run affairs, you should go to British Consulate-General Guangzhou which represents the UK government in South China, and services six provinces, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan, Hunan, and Jiangxi. Its address is 22/F Guangzhou International Finance Centre, 5 Zhujiang Road West, Zhujiang New Town,  Guangzhou,  China,510623. Its website is

Local Specialties

When you are in Guangxi, and you want to buy something to eat or something of local style and convenient to carry, what should you buy?  The flowing list of local specialties in Guangxi would give you a help.

For meals, there are many delicious dishes, like lemon duck(柠檬鸭), seafood congee(海鲜粥),zhutongfan(竹筒饭), sanhuangji(三黄鸡), cuxueya(醋血鸭),baiqieji(白切鸡),piujiuyu(啤酒鱼) and tianluoniang(田螺酿), hehuayu(禾花鱼), baizhuoshachong(白灼沙虫)and zhibaoji (纸包鸡). For snacks, you can find lots of delicious freshly-made snacks, like xiabing (虾饼), suanye (酸野), tangshui(糖水) and all kinds of rice noodles.

Guangxi has lots of fruit of local variety, like banana, grapefruit, orange, Shatang tangerine, lichee, mango, pineapple, grape, red date, sugarcane, pipa fruit,  Chinese wampee fruit, passion fruit,  mangosteen and so on.  Guangxi also plant trees to make tea: osmanthus tea, jasmine tea, baimao tea, maojian tea, monoridica grosvenori tea and  green tea. As for handcrafts, there are two famous handcrafts, Xiuqiu, and the Zhuang brocade. And every ethnic minorities have its own clothing, which are elaborate. Moreover, Guangxi is the producing area of many spices, like anise, clove, cinnamon and lysimachia foenum-graecum.

Last, travelling in Guangxi, you’d better prepare something as backup in your bag, mosquito repellent perfume, moisturizing lotion, sun cream, umbrella and drugs for skin allergy. Before you go out, you’d better check the hourly weather forecast for the sake of your safety, because in the south of Guangxi, there is typhoon from April to October. 

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