Guangxi Travel Guide

Guangxi situates in the south of China, from the latitude 20°54′N to 26°24′N and from the longitude 104°26′ E to 112°04′E, adjacent to Guangdong province in the east, Hunan province in the north, Guizhou province in northwest, Yunan province in the west, and South China Sea in the south, having a coastline of 1595 kilometers and it borders on Vietnam in the southwest. It has a land area of 237.6 thousand square kilometers, ranking the ninth among all provinces and regions in the total area, and a sea area of 40 thousand square kilometers. Guangxi locates in the southeast of the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, and tilts from northwest to southeast, with numerous hills in the whole Guangxi and flat ground in the center and south. It has a large land area of karst landform covering  37.8 percent of the total area, and  697 islands with the Weizhou island as the biggest.