Yushilin stone forest scenic area


Luhua village, huangtian town, hezhou city, guangxi (18km away from hezhou downtown)

Reasons to visit

China 4A scenic spot, the only Chinese white marble geological park!

Ratings: 4A

Recommendation star: ★★★★★

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Price: ¥50 RMB/ person


Yushilin, as its Chinese name implies, is a forest of stones. Hezhou Yushilin is located in Luhua village, Huangtian Town, Babu District, 18 kilometers away from the urban area. It is on the same tourist line as Guposhan National Forest Park, Hezhou Hot Springs and Hezhou 18 Water. It covers an area of 25 hectares and the tour distance is about 13 kilometers. There are more than 100 attractions within the scenic spot.


When Hezhou Yushilin was first developed, it was called JinQi Shilin. In June 2003, the China Geological Convention was held in Hezhou. After the meeting, the geologists were attracted to visit Shilin. At that time, the experts were surprised to find that the stones in the entire mountain were white and belonged to Kashi landform, named white marble granite. The name yushilin came into being. If you visit the Stone Forest, you will find that nature's uncanny workmanship is breathtaking.


Yushilin Stone Forest Scenic Area is a stone forest made up of rare white marble columns and stalagmites, which formed about one hundred million years ago in the Cambrian period. due to the geological upheaval, long-term karst erosion and localized high temperature effects, plus more than 1,000 years of tin mining since the Song Dynasty, the peaks of the stratum within the region were exposed from the inter-rock buds and formed strange peaks, the pillars of stalagmites, the geosynclinal funnel and the narrow slits. This has created a number of strange natural landscapes such as the “Millennium Camel”, “Air Corridor” and “One-Line Heaven”. It is independent of the surrounding limestone mountains, is hailed as a “fairyland” by visitors, and is called a geological miracle by geoscientists.


Tourism Features

Hezhou yushilin stone forest is the only Chinese white marble geological park in China. The stone is different from the lunan forest in Yunnan. It is a 4A scenic spot in China. It has the following features:

Unique geological features

Stone forest was formed during the Cambrian period more than 100 million years ago. After a long period of crustal movement and long-term karst erosion, the bottom layer of the stone forest has undergone a rupture and uplift. The Yanshanqi granitoids invaded the lower layers of the Paleozoic and produced an etched rock with hydrothermal mineralization. The vein composition was tin, iron, and quartz. Therefore, there has been a history of more than 1,000 years of tin mining since the Song Dynasty. Most of the pillars were dried and weathered by moss-like plants on their surface. The stones were dyed black, making the stone forest black and white, very beautiful.

A variety of natural scenery

The stone buds, pillars, and pinnacles in the Stone Forest are bizarre and ingenious. The path in the scenic area extends in all directions. It can be said that the scenes will change at every step and eyes cannot take it all in. There are many natural landscapes: " strike lucky", "sheep turns back", "Frog Mochizuki", "One-Line Heaven", "Yiwei stone", some like "Peacock spreads its tail" and some are like "Dinosaur Walking". As the saying goes: Three points are similar, seven points are imagination, more think more like. There is a saying that is good, "From the ridge or peak, the distances between the different levels, did not know truth, edge only in the stone forest.”


Colorful human landscape

Perhaps when you walk into the Shilin, you will pay attention to the natural and beautiful scenery of Shilin, but Shilin’s cultural landscape is more attractive. In the more than 2000 years ago of han dynasty, the imperial court paid attention to Hezhou’s Feng river than Guilin’s li River. The area around Feng River was well-developed. The degree of civilization at that time was higher than that of Guilin and Guangzhou. As a result, scholars and philosophers at the time were gathered here. Hezhou Shilin has left many celebrity footprints in history. For example, Chen Yuanguang(the Hezhou scholar in the early Tang Dynasty), Mo Xuanqing(the first champion of Lingnan in the Mid-Tang Dynasty), Yue Fei(the national hero of the Song Dynasty), and Zhou Dunyi( the scholar of science) all had visited there and formed a very distinctive stone forest culture.

In addition, Hezhou yushilin stone forest also has historical value, artistic value, scientific research value.


1. Visitors with heart disease, hypertension, and acrophobia should be cautious when they visit the scenic spot of one-line sky.

2. The road in the scenic area is very complicated and it is easy to get lost.

3, When you visit scenic spots, you must climb mountains. The elderly must think carefully.

4. There is a paid instructor at the ticket office. Please consult the scenic area for the price.

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