Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island is formed from volcano eruption, and it has sceneries like marine abrasion, marine deposition and beach. It is located in Beibu Gulf, and the south of Beihai, 20.2 sea miles away from Silver Beach, and 36 sea miles away from Guantouling National Forest Park. It, the biggest island in Guangxi, covers an area of 24.74 square kilometers and has an highest elevation of 79 meters, and it has several sub-attractions, like crocodile hill scenic area, colorful beach scenic area, drippy rock scenic area, and Weizhou island coral reef national ocean park.

colorful beach

Colorful beach scenic area is located in the east coastal line of Weizhou Island, and it has a coast of sea cliff, with a length of 1.5 kilometers. The sea cliff is in a height from 20 to 50 meters, and from its profile, you can clearly see the layers left by marine abrasion and wind wave. Besides the sea cliff, the scenic area has abrasion platform and sea cave. Abrasion platforms are in the front of sea cliff, broad and plain, and they may have a width over decades of meters when the tide falls. In the junction of abrasion platform and sea cliff, there are sea caves everywhere. The rocks and sea water would shine colorfully under sunlight. Colorful beach scenic area is the top choice for a place to watch sunrise in ocean, and standing on the sea cliff, you would has a broad view of the ocean.


Crocodile hill scenic area has many geologic wonders, like crater site which is a well preserved volcanic activity, and those geologic wonders have various and beautiful shapes, which are surprises waiting for tourists. The rocks, winding coastal lines, green trees, and blue sky in here form a gorgeous picture, like a paradise. This scenic area has a geologic museum and a beacon. The museum, named Weizhou island volcano national geo-park, has a building area of 1, 500 square meters, and it has samples about volcanic rocks, corals and marine animals. It has popular science films playing in the film hall. Weizhou beacon is first built in 1956, and rebuilt in 2002 with a height of 22 meters, and the light on the beacon has a range of 18 sea miles. On the top of the beacon, there is an observation deck where you can have an overall view of the island.

drippy rock

Drippy rock scenic area is located in the west coast, and the most different, salient and spectacular thing is the cliff made by marine abrasion. There are plants covering the cliff on the top, and their branches are hanging down, and water drips down from crevice. Its uncovered rocks have clear textures, and have several mixed colors, red ,yellow, purple, green and cyan.


Shiluokou scenic area is in the west coastal line of Weizhou Island, and has a coastal landscape. In here, there is a broad beach, good for have a  sunbathing. The shallow water area is suitable for swimming, which has clean water. In a sunny day, you can see beautiful corals and fish swimming here and there. Moreover, this scenic area has entertainment activities like go boating. You may go to sea by taking a boat and have a close touch with ocean. You may wear diving suit and dive to see the underwater world and play with fish. If you want to watch sunset, you should choose this area.

the catholic church

The catholic church in the east coast is built in 1853 by  missionaries from French and completed in 1863. It is a gothic church, and its building materials are sedimentary rocks of coral, and its main building is kept well. In the church, there is a silver alloy bell made in 1889, and the sound of the bell could reach the whole island. The church is grand and majestic compared to residential buildings around it.

Weizhou island coral reef national ocean park covers an overall area of about 2,513 hectares. The coral reefs are mainly in the east, north, and southwest of Weizhou island, and they are the only one coral reef cluster in Guangxi.

In Weizhou Island, you can see the beautiful island scenery and amazing geology landscape, and you may go boating, and go swimming. The only way of coming and leaving the island is to take a ship or a boat. You may live in the island, in that there are hotels for your accommodation and restaurants for your eating.

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