Silver Beach Vacation Resort

Silver Beach Vacation Resort consists of three vacation units, residential villa, and hotel cluster, and the three vacation units are silver beach park, haitan park, and Henli vacation center. The vacation resort is well developed, and it has various tourism facilities and entertainment activities. In 1992, it was listed as a national tourist vacation resort.

Silver Beach

silver beach

Silver Beach is one of the most popular and beautiful attractions in Beihai, and attracts millions of tourist come to here every year. It is located in Yinhai district, and has west zone, east zone, and beach zone. It extends 24 kilometers from the east to the west and covers a total area of 35 square kilometers, and the width of the beach is from 30 to 3000 meters. In 1997, Yang Shangkun, former president of China from 1988 to 1993 wrote “the best beach in the world” in the beach. The beach is formed through the accumulation of silica sand, which would shine like silver under sunlight. This is the origin of its name. It is featured with a long and plain beach, white and fine sand, warm and clean sea water, mild wind wave and small spindrift on the beach, and shark-less.  The broad beach has a strong self cleaning capacity, with a seawater transparency over two meters, and the average annual temperature of seawater is 23.7℃, making it a perfect place for swimming.

Haitan Park

haitan park

Haitan park is divided into three parts, the east part is for entertainment activities like calligraphy, chess-playing, painting and Chinese-zither playing, the middle part is the beach and activities zone, and the west part has a museum of marine animals, a playing pool for child and so on.  Haitan park has a huge ball sculpture made from stainless steel, with a diameter of 20 meters and a height of 23 meters, and it has seven females with olive branches at hands in the surface. Beside the sculpture, there is a music fountain with5,200 spray heads, and the spaying water may reach 70 meters high. In night, the music fountain show is extremely attractive. The park also has a natural bathing beach, 1,500 meters long and 200 meters wide, and has facilities for eating, playing sports, and other entertainment activities.

Joyful Things to Do

beach motorcycle

Have a swimming in silver beach. The broad beach has clean and warm water,  and it is a perfect place for swimming. In here, there are stores renting swimming wear and swim ring. After swimming, you may have a shower.

Have a sightseeing of beach scenery by walking, a go-kart, a beach motorcycle or other sightseeing vehicles, and have a tour on seawater by taking a yacht and water scooter.

You may have a leisure tour. The beach has stores selling drinks and food, you may have a meal in there, or rent a suit of barbecue tool and grill food by yourself. There are other leisure activities. Rent a table and chairs to have drinks, and have a chat with others. Play with sand, make a sand painting or build a sand castle. Seat under trees and draw a picture about the coastal scenery .

You may have an energetic experience.  You may play beach volleyball, golf and football with others, and may have a passionate party of singing and dancing.

Useful Information for You

You may take No.3 pubic bus from Beibu Gulf square to Haitan park, and may take No.17 public bus from Beibu Gulf square to Silver beach, and it passes through Beihai Railway Station.

Silver Beach Vacation Resort is close to Jinhaiwan Mangrove Scenic Area and Beihai International Port where you take a ship to Weizhou Island.

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