Qing Xiu Shan Scenic Spot

Qing xiu shan scenic spot is located in the river band of Yong River, and in the inner city of Nanning with a planned area of 13.54 square kilometers and a core scenic area of 6.43 square kilometers. It is featured with up-and-down mountains, green and lush tree, steep cliff, clean spring, queer stones, and subtropical plant. Such a green scenery made from mountains and a huge area of plants wins itself a respectful name as A Huge Lung of Nanning, which provides a high concentration of negative oxygen ion. In 1997, it is included to the list of top ten scenic spots in Nanning, and in 2014, it was rated as a national scenic spot of 5A class, and one of the top ten scenic spots in Guangxi.


Qing xiu shan scenic spot is first built in the Sui Dynasty (581 AD-618 AD), and in 1985, Nanning government rebuilt this scenic spot, Longxiang tower and other 23 subordinate scenic spots. So far, it becomes a famous scenic spot gathering tourism, leisure, entertainment, cultural exchanges, and scientific research together. It consist of 18 mountains, lake, tower, pavilion, and park, and there are over 50 subordinate scenic spots.

It has many historic and cultural subordinate scenic spots, like Longxiang tower, Zhuang brocade square, music platform of copper drummer,  Chinese zodiac cultural park, water and moon temple, and guanyin temple. Longxiang tower is standing in the top of Mount Qing xiu shan, and it is a symbolic sign of this mountain, first built in 1618, ruined in 1929, and rebuilt in 1986. The nine-floor tower is 52.35 meters high, and has a diameter of 12 meters in the tower base and a spiral stair case with 207 steps to the top, and it is the highest tower in Guangxi. every floor is in octagon, and has 72 copper bells hanging in the eave angles. Ta ying tian chi, is a big man-made lake in the hillside, which congregates the inverted images of Longxiang tower, lush trees, blue sky and white cloud, and it is a perfect place of leisure and sightseeing.

longxiang tower

Guanyin temple, or avalokitesvara temple is first built in the Northern Song Dynasty, with a history over one thousand years, and covers an area of 15 mu. This temple has dozens of Buddhist halls and statues, and it is the biggest Buddhist temple in Guangxi. Music platform of copper drummer has a huge copper drum,  rock carvings of portrait, and animal and plant patterns, and two stone posts built according to the frog totem of the Zhuang people, and it presents the culture of the Zhuang totem and ethnic spirit.

Friendship corridor, is the longest corridor in Guangxi, of 618 meters, and it imitates the features of wind and rain bridge of the Dong people., and fuses the garden style of Lingnan region. It has constructions like, bridge, corridor, pavilion and building, making it a scenic spot and a rest place. Friendship corridor displays photography works about the living and working of ethnic groups in Guangxi, and materials about buildings, clothes, eating in ASEAN countries, and it presents the culture of ethnic groups in Guangxi, and the culture of ASEAN countries.

It is abundant with plants, which form many plant scenic spots, like cycas revolute park, Yu lin da guan, orchid park, osmanthus fragrans park, palm park and oriental cherry park . Cycas revoluta park occupies an area of over 100 mu, and it is a park special for cycas reboluta. cycas revolute is contemporaneous with dinosaur, known as living fossil, and it is endangered plant under first-class protection. It has cycas revolutas of over 50 species and with a total number over ten thousand, and it has about one hundred cycas revolutas with an age over one thousand years. The oldest one is the king of cycas revolute with an age over 1360 years. Yu lin da guan is a rainforest observation park, built in 1998. It occupies an area of 500 mu, and has more than three million plants of various species. Among those plants, there are plants of more than 180 species under key protection. In this plant heaven, there are plants you never know, and they have different features, some have huge roots, and some have huge and colorful leaves, which form an astonishing and beautiful scenery.

cycas reboluta park

Orchid park covers an area of 320 mu, and it has orchid of 363 species and with a  total number of over  three hundred thousand. This park is built beautifully, and it has many ancient garden buildings like pavilion and corridor to increase ornamental value. It is a perfect place of orchid  which is planted in plant clusters, stone crevice, and gully according to the growth condition of orchid. Osmanthus fragrans park has over ten thousand osmanthus fragrans of over 40 species. In the period from October to November, those plants are in blossom, giving off fragrant smell. Such a forest of osmanthus fragrans is a best place to see osmantus fragrans.

Nanning is the permanent site of holding China-ASEAN expo, and Nanning values the relation with ASEAN, and Qing xiu shan scenic spots has one subordinate scenic spot related with ASEAN, China-ASEAN friendship park.  It is a ecological park, planting souvenir trees of  China-ASEAN expo, country trees and flowers of ASEAN countries, and having famous sculptures of Nanning’s sister cities.

Except those scenic spots, it has two outdoor training  bases, land training base, and water training base. Land training base has 15 competitive barriers for training and sports, and water training base training facilities on water. Those facilities provides many sports events, and makes people enjoy doing sports.

water training base

Qing xiu shan scenic spot is a perfect place for sightseeing, leisure and doing sports, and also a place to know Guangxi culture. Its  beautiful scenery gives you a visual feast, and the large green area provides fresh and clean air. In here, you can rest yourself thoroughly and have an comfortable experience.

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