Huangyao Ancient Town


Huangyao Town, Zhaoping county, Hezhou City, Guangxi, China

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A beautiful ancient town near Guilin

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Located in the northeast of Zhaoping county, Hezhou City, Guangxi Province, Huangyao Ancient Town is 40 km from downtown Hezhou and 200 km from Guilin. It’s a karst landform. Developed in Song dynasty, Huangyao Ancient town has a history of nearly 1000 years. The natural landscape has eight big sceneries and twenty-four small scenes. There are more than 20 temples and 10 pavilions, most of them are Ming and Qing architecture. The famous scenic spots are the former site of the Guangxi Provincial Working Committee, the ancient opera stage, the Anle temple and so on. Huang Yao Ancient Town was listed as the third batch of "Chinese historical and cultural towns" by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in 2007. Approved by the National Tourism Administration in 2009 as 4A scenic spot.


What to see in Huangyao Ancient Town

The former site of Guangxi Provincial Work Committee

The former site of Guangxi Provincial Working Committee is located in Baozhu temple of ancient town. In the winter of 1944, Japan invaded Guangxi Province and Guilin was occupied by the Japanese enemy (Guilin was the site of the Provincial Work Committee at the time). Under the leadership of Qian Xing, Guangxi Provincial Work Committee moved to Huangyao town and worked secludedly in the Baozhu temple. In order to commemorate this period of history, the people's government of guangxi province designated baozhu temple as the former site of Guangxi Provincial Work Committee. And it was listed as a provincial key cultural relics protection unit and provincial-level patriotism education base in 1990.



The Ancient Opera Stage

The ancient opera stage is located at the edge of Yao river and the eastern side of Baozhu temple. Built in the Ming Dynasty Jiajing three years(1524), it belongs to a single eave and wood brick structure. The whole stage presents a "convex" shape, is an eight-pillar type, with the background, the box, the side column pavilion stage.

Carp Street

Carp street is located in the east of the Huangyao ancient town. In ancient times, the craftsmen encountered a protruding natural rock while paving stone street, they modified the stone and chiseled it into a carp about 2 feet long called "Bends Stone Fish". This street is also called "Liyu Street".


Immortal ancient well

The Immortal ancient well is about two or three kilometers away from the jigong mountain source, covering an area of about 50 square meters, 1 meter deep and divided into five well. The people in the ancient town called this well’s water Immortal water. The first well is for the residents to drink, the second well is for washing vegetables, and the third, fourth, and fifth Wells are used for washing clothes and washing implements. Every year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month is the “ Fetch water festival”. Before 12 o’clock of that day, the people of the town come here to pray and fetch water.


Anle Temple

Anle temple is in Anle street of Huangyao ancient town. In the Ming Dynasty wanli 26 year(1573), the natives often came out to loot money in order to repel Han people who want to make a living here. At that time, the government dispatched Daoqing Li officer and his soldiers to settle the turmoil of natives. In order to be grateful for the officers and men, Huangyao people raised funds to build this temple, named " Anle Temple (the temple of peace)", and they set up a temple statue of Daoqing Li to forever memorial. At that time was the first year of the Qing Dynasty (1644), and Anle temple has a history of more than 360 years


What specialties to buy in Huangyao Ancient Town

Huangyao Ancient town has a thousand years of cultural history, known as “dream home”. Huangyao has three treasure, namely: Huangyao black bean sauce, Huangyao sealwort liquor and huangyao black tea. 


Huangyao black bean sauce

Huangyao black bean sauce is famous for its place of origin. After more than a dozen generations of research, it is made of the unique black beans of Huangyao town, immortal well water and indigenous ancient handicrafts.


Huangyao Sealwort and sealwort liquor

Sealwort is both herbs, but also wild vegetables. Sealwort liquor is the traditional beverage drinks in Huangyao Ancient town, which is made of sealwort and wine.


Huangyao black tea

Huangyao black tea originated from Zhaoping County of Guangxi Province, which is the hometown of Chinese tea and China’s famous organic tea producing areas.


Huangyao black tea has a number of pharmacological effects and it plays a unique role in health care, health maintenance and beauty treatment. It can relieve thirst, diuresis, lipid-lowing detoxification, promote digestion and stomach-nourishing.

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