Guposhan national forest park


at the south end of Mengziling, Pinggui district, hezhou City

Reasons to visit

China 4A scenic spot, gupo mountain is the largest natural oxygen bar in south China!

Ratings: 4A

Recommendation star: ★★★★★

Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00

Price: ¥125 RMB/ person


Guposhan National Forest Park is located at the south end of Mengziling, Pinggui district, hezhou City and only 26 kilometers away from the city’s center. The guposhanis a kingdom of natural flora and fauna. There are 25 peaks above 1,000 meters above sea level, and the highest peak is 1,844 meters above sea level, which is the highest peak in Guidong area. The park was awarded National AAAA Tourism Scenic Spot by the National Tourism Administration in 2006. In 2013, it was voted by the public as "the most popular tourist spot in Guangxi" and "the most popular South China natural scenery spot for overseas Chinese." And it known as "the largest natural oxygen bar in South China."


natural landscape

xiangu waterfall

There are more than a dozen of Waterfalls in Guposhan, the most spectacular, natural, and beautiful one is the Xiangu waterfall. About 30 meters high, the Xiangu waterfall is clean and cool and can be drink directly. It floats like a smoke. There are ancient trees on both sides of the canyon. The lush, odd-shaped trees of the rattan are dotted with cliffs and waterfalls. What A beautiful landscape picture.


Water scenery

Guposhan features lofty mountains and steep hills, dense forests, vertical and horizontal valleys, flowing streams, valleys, deep quiet valleys. Xiangu creek, xiannv stream, datong stream and 18 chong stream…etc are spread all over the valley. The fall between streams and brooks are large. There are numerous cliffs in the park, and the stream flows through them, all of which form waterfalls. Therefore, it formed a unique waterfall landscape. There are as many as 16 falls in the country with a fall of more than 20 meters. Among them, Xiangu Waterfall, Luohan Waterfall, Yulong Waterfall, Mother and Child Falls, Benma Waterfall, and two and a half falls are particularly famous.


cultural landscape

xiangu temple

Guposhan Xiangu Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty andwas renovated in 2000. It is a place where religious people in Hezhou conduct religious activities. The hundred step ladders in front of Tianmen Temple are majestic, the crane fountain in front of the temple is designed for washing hands. Washing hands before entering the temple is a feature of Guposhan Xiangu Temple.

Qingren forest(lover forest)

Not far from Wayao Waterfall, there is a 300-square-meter lover’s lake.  Near the Lover’s Lake, there is a year-round lush forest. The trees in the forest are paired together, or attached, or intertwined, as if they were lovers of a pair. This is the only unique and strange attraction in the park, known as the "Lover Forest".


Yushilin stone forest

The white marble in the forest is like jade. Yushilin Stone Forest Scenic Area is a stone forest made up of rare white marble columns and stalagmites, which formed about one hundred million years ago in the Cambrian period. due to the geological upheaval, long-term karst erosion and localized high temperature effects, plus more than 1,000 years of tin mining since the Song Dynasty, the peaks of the stratum within the region were exposed from the inter-rock buds and formed strange peaks, the pillars of stalagmites, the geosynclinal funnel and the narrow slits.

Jiupu xiang distillery

Jiupu Xiang distillery once was a hundred-year-old hand-made distillery, and later became a vacant place. Then it was artificially rebuilt because of shooting “Liquor is home Alcohol”. The distillery and the tea plantation became a new tourist attraction in hezhou. visitors can personally try out the props, water tanks, rice washing pots, wine barrels, and so on. Feel the pure simplicity of Jiupu xiang distillery.

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