Da Ming Shan National Nature Reserve

Da Ming Shan Scenic  Spot has distinct sceneries in four seasons. Flowers in spring, waterfall in summer, cloud in summer and snow in winter are the epitome of its sceneries in four seasons. In April and May, there are lots flowers in blossom, like azalea and bellflower. In summer, there is a big waterfall due to abundant rainfall, and the highest temperature on the mountain is 28℃, and it is a perfect place to avoid sweltering summer. In autumn, leaves of trees are in beautiful colors, and clouds in sky are clean. In winter, it has frost and rime on trees due to its high elevation, which is rare in other places of Guangxi.

Da ming shan is a mountain of 68 kilometers long, and 23 kilometers wide, 80 kilometers away from Nanning downtown, and it goes through Wuming district, Shanglin county, Mashan county, and Binyan county. It has an average elevation of 1200 meters, and its main peak has an elevation of about 1760 meters.  The average annual temperature on the top of the mountain is 15℃. Da Ming Shan National Nature Reserve has rich resources in animal and plant, and some endangered animals and plants are under national protection. The reserve covers an area of 17 thousand hectares, and has a forest coverage rate of 98.9%, thus it is praised as a natural oxygen bar.


da ming shan


Subordinate Scenic Spot

It has lots of subordinate scenic spots, like canyon scenic spot and old pine scenic spot. Canyon scenic spot has an elevation of 1250 meters, and the canyon is eight kilometers long, and over three hundred meters deep, and it has steep precipices and cliffs. The old pine scenic spot has an old pine with an age of almost two hundred years, which has a diameter of about 72 centimeters. It stands in the edge  of a cliff, and looks like an old man overlooking the canyon. Golden tortoise waterfall is one of the over one hundred waterfalls, and reputed for that there is a golden tortoise leading the way. Viewing from the flank, there is a golden tortoise crawling  slowly in the pond; viewing from the front, there is a two-stair waterfall falling down from a high place. Beside the water, there is a spring for tourists to drink the clean spring water.

In Dragon tail waterfall scenic spot,  there is  a cluster of lush pines with its branches extending like welcoming tourists' coming, which grow in the top of the cliff, and the biggest waterfall is Dragon tail waterfall, with a drop of 136 meters. The water flow of the waterfall reaches the maximum in the summer, and it falls directly down from the high place. Along with the falling, there is thunderous sounds and thick water mists flying away from the waterfall, which is just like a huge dragon. When there is sunlight shining on the waterfall, there would be a rainbow.


dragon tail waterfall


Tianping scenic spot is a wide lawn naturally formed on the mountain with an elevation of 1250 meters, and it covers an area of 180 mu(about 120 thousand square meter). It is in shape of love heart, and is a magical place for couples in love. Moreover, there are uneven lines on the stone steps uncovered by grass, which are somewhat like pictures, and somewhat like words, and it can’t be read by people so far.

In Wangbingshan scenic spot, there is a azalea corridor with an area of over one million square meter, and it has more than 20 spices of azalea. In the late of April, it becomes an endless flower ocean. A five-kilometer winding road leads to the mountain top with an elevation over 1570 meters, where you can see mountains in vivid figures, some are like eagles, some is like a beauty, and some is like a monkey, and it is a well place to see the beauty of sunrise. Heaven lake is behind Longteng hotel, and it is an island surrounded by water in three sides, with a biggest width of 2 kilometers.

Tour Course

The  healthy course starts from the old pine scenic spot and ends in the golden tortoise scenic spot, with a total length of 1.5 kilometers, and it is a walking course and take one and half an hours. It is a ecological corridor, and on the road, you may climb slope, see old trees and steep mountains, listen songs sung by birds, and watch canyon and waterfall, which is good for health and peace in heart.

The leisure course is from Longhu bridge to Diba parking lot, with a length of 1.3 kilometers, and suitable for old people. It is a walking course and takes half an hour. The magical course is from Tianping service center to the tower of the tropic of cancer, and it consists of a section of driving course, 3 kilometers, and a section of walking course, 1.5 kilometers. This course is for a sightseeing for primitive forest and plant diversity.

The fairyland course is from olive service center to Feiying mountain, and it is a driving course of 5 kilometers and takes half an hour. In the course, there is Luoyue temple which is the sacred place where the descendants of Luoyue visit their ancestors. the course ends in a place for viewing sunrise and sunset.

The pilgrimage course is in the Longmu canyon, with a length of 6.86 kilometers, which is considered as a golden course. The course is suitable for tourists with good physical conditions for its steep roads. Longmu culture is the culture of the Zhuang people, and there is a Longmu temple in the course.


luoyue temple


This huge scenic spot is special for an experience for a deep touch with nature. It is so big that driving is the advisable way of tour, and  provides bus tour service, and has facilities like hotel and restaurant.

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