Beihai Underwater World

Beihai Underwater World is an aquarium to exhibit marine animals, gathering sightseeing and education of science popularization for youth. It has an overall building area of 28,000 square meters, and a water storage of about 8,000 tons, and has 23 sightseeing zones. It is one of the top aquarium in a great number of fish species and large scale.  It has a fishpond higher than three floors, in which diver would have a diving performance. Its subsea tunnel has several sharks, and performance played by professional and sharks. Its cylindrical fishpond, biggest in China has thousands of reef fish in decades of species.

In underwater wonders zone, every  water tank has different theme and couples with world famous attractions, like Maya civilization, the Great Sphinx and pyramid. In here you can see ornamental fish from everywhere in the world, like the Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. Some fish are starfish, sea cucumber, sea horse, and stenopus hispidus.

In China Horseshoe crab hall,  you can see a creature called horseshoe crab with a strange appearance, whose ancestors live in the Devonian Period, and at that period, primitive fish appear. This kind of creature has survived tough times, and for over four hundred million years, it still lives in the world, therefore, it is named as a living fossil. Spring and summer is its mating season. Once two horseshoe crabs become a couple, they are faithful to each other. Horseshoe crab has four species in the earth, tachypleus tridentatus, limulus polyphemus, one from Malaysia, and  carcinoscorpius rotundicauda.

Chinese Water World zone has over thirty water tanks, and those tanks are fused with Chinese culture, like ancient spinning and weaving, totems for ethnic minorities, bell culture, Buddhism culture, and weapons. In the water tanks, you can see fish from all over the world and scenes made from those culture.

Underwater Lost City zone is composed of three parts, and the first part has a series of scenes about terrain and landscape in seafloor, including hill, plateau, basin, and volcano. The second part has a lost city, an imitation of Atlantis relics underwater. It is said that Atlantis is a rich country and its palaces are covered with gold, and it is buried in ocean due to earthquake, and the civilization of Atlantis has been lost. The exhibition scene shows visitors the appearance of Atlantis. The third part exhibits a series of destructions to marine environment, and it calls for protection for the Earth and ocean.

lost city

The Subsea Tunnel zone has tunnel about one hundred meters, and the glass of the tunnel is transparent and can bear ultrahigh pressure, with a thickness of nine centimeters. The first section has coral reef, sago cycas and fish of several hundreds species, and  it also has a ship which is an imitation of battleship  Arizona, sunk by bombs in the Attack on Pearl Harbor. The second section has a erupting volcano, which is a volcano model made by high technology and it would erupt at every twenty seconds. And in here you can see flaming fire, and flowing magma. The third section has relics of an ancient city of the Incas. The city of Incas Empire is built in the end of the twelfth  century and its buildings are made from huge stones. The Empire disappeared in the sixteenth century, after the invasion of Spanish colonists.

subsea tunnel

The aquarium has two performance zones, one is manta ray, and another is seal. Ray Performance Area has a large performance pool, six meters

high, eight meters long, and five meters wide, and it has fish like turtle, and shark. In here you can see professional divers’ performance with fish. Seal Performance Area has seven seals, and one special seal named Qiqi. It originally lives in the Bohai Sea, China, and is found in injury by a fisherman in Beibu Gulf.

It also has exclusive zones for some fish, like crocodile, turtle, and shark, and other zones. In Beihai Underwater World, you can see lots of fish, and know more about ocean, fish and world famous attraction, and Chinese culture.


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