Beihai Travel Guide

Before your travel in Beihai, you may plan the travel well and you' better have a travel guide at hand, which would save you many troubles. This travel guide covers information about transportation, accommodation, cuisine,  shopping mall, local specialties and tour spot.

After your landing in Beihai Fucheng Airport, you may take a taxi, or  an airport shuttle bus to the downtown. If you come to Beihai by train, upon your arrival at Beihai Railway Station, you may take a taxi or take a public bus to tour spots or the booked hotel. In event that your first choice for transportation is public bus, you may checkbus lines ahead of time. Beibu Gulf Square is a transportation junction, and you go to here to transfer lines. No. 2 public bus is from Dijiao to Fruit market, and it would pass Beihai old street and Beibu Gulf Square. No. 3 public bus is from Hiabin park to Beihai international port, and it would pass Beibu Gulf square, Beihai Ocean Garden, and Qiaogang flavor street. No. 6 public bus is from People's theater to Guantouling beach, and it passes Beibu Gulf Square. No. 10 public bus is from the railway station to Qianjiang, and passes fruit market and Changping Park. No. 16 public bus is from Beibu Gulf square to Yima village, and passes Beihai  Railway Station.

fu li hua hotel

For your accommodation in Beihai, you may book a hotel in advance, especially in a peak season. Beihai has lots of hotels from low price to high price, from budget hotels to deluxe hotels, and it has several hotels of 5A class. Shangri-La Hotel is located in No. 33 Chating Road and close to Haibin Park and Beiahai Underwater World. Beihai Furama Hotel is located in No. 33 Chating Road and close to Haibin Park and Beihai Underwater World. Jinchang Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel is located in No. 59 Jinhai'an Road, and close to Beihai International Port. Beihai Guanling Hotel is in Guantouling national forest park, and it is built in the seaside.

Delicious food and snacks in Beihai are of seafood flavor. Popular food are steamed scallops with garlic, fried sleeve-fish, green bean fried with ghost crab juice, sandworm and shredded bamboo shoot soup, scalded prawns and so on. Delicious snacks are prawn cake,  rice noodles roll, steamed rice milk, congee, tong sui , all kinds of rice noodles, etc. You may go to these places to eat such food, Beihai old street, night market in Changqing road and qiaogang flavor street.

ox horn carving

For shopping, you may go to Beibu Gulf Square, Manhattan Commercial Plaza, Wanda Plaza, Qidong Shopping Mall, Hualian Commercial Building, Xinli Shopping Center and RT-Mart. You may go to Nanzhugong to buy southern pearl, go to Beihai aquatic market to buy dried seafood, and go to fruit market to buy fresh fruit. Its local specialties are various seafood, southern pearl, shell carving, Hepu ox horn carving, and Hepu moon cake. It has local handcrafts like ox horn carving, having great aesthetic value and decoration value.

Beihai has many attractions, and those natural attractions are mainly about sea scenery, and historic and cultural attractions about related with ocean. Golden Bay Mangrove,  Silver Beach, Beihai Garden Expo Park, Beihai Ocean Garden, Beihai Underwater World, Weizhou Island, Qing Post Office, Guantouling National Forest Park, Beach Park, Jiahe Guanshanhai. Golden Bay Mangrove is a scenic spot about mangrove which grows in shoal, and it is a protective screen to inland. It consists of three parts, and the forest of mangrove is a marine biodiversity reserve, where lots of animals live, like bird, insect, fish, shrimp, crab and shellfish. Silver Beach is a must-see in Beihai, and it is well known as the best beach in China. The beach is broad, and its sand is soft and fine. Beihai Ocean Garden and Beihai Underwater World are two scenic spots to see marine animals and underwater world. Guantouling National Forest Park is along the coast, and pinus massoniana is its main plant. Weizhou Island, is the biggest island in Beihai, and it has been developed into a tour spot. It has several attractions, like E'yushan, wucai beach, dingshuiping, a church, and  a museum. The only way to Weizhou Island is to take boat in Beihai International Port. Besides those beautiful sceneries of seascape, there are two tour lines for historic and cultural attractions, including Hepu Hanlv Culture Park, Qing Post Office, old sites of Beihai customs building, British Consulate and Sengbao bank.

In Beihai, you can watch seascape, eat seafood, and play water sports. The best time period for having a travel in Beihai is from April to November. Here are some tips for your travelling in Beihai. First, make a specific plan to save  your time. Second, sun protection is important, and bring things like sunglass, hat, and sun cream. Third, be care of bites from marine animals when you are playing in a beach. Fourth, check weather forecast and prepare your wearing. Beihai has an average annual temperature of 22.9℃. Last, before your tour, you should check that you take a good camera to capture those breathtaking sceneries.

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