Shopping in Beihai

When your are in a tour in Beihai, and you want to go shopping, then where should you go and what should you buy and bring home? This article may give you much help.

Small as Beihai is, it has its own business centers and business districts. For the sake of local people’s living need and in response to requirements of tourism development, it has a complete business system and has built many business facilities like shopping malls, markets and squares.

Beibu Gulf square is in the center of Beihai, and it is the largest and most prosperous business district. In here, there are shopping malls like Qidong shopping mall, Hualian commercial building, and Xinli shopping center.  Surrounding the square, there are many stores and restaurants. Wanda plaza is located in the junction of Guangdong road, and Hangzhou road, and it covers an area of 62,670 square meters and has a building area of about 108,000 square meters. It has four floors and a height of 24 meters. As a modern shopping center, it has several functional zones, gathering supermarket, children entertainment, restaurant, and stores of clothing, shoe, ect. Manhattan commercial plaza is a complex, having residential buildings, office buildings, and buildings for hotel, shopping mall, and supermarket. Its shopping mall is modern and has considerable facilities to meet people's shopping need.



Xinli department store located in No. 62 Beibu Gulf middle road, is a shopping mall popular to local people, and built earlier than most other shopping malls. It has three floors,  and stores in the first and second floors mainly sell clothes, shoes, bags and hats, and those merchandises are not high-end. The third floor has restaurants, movie theater, KTV, children’s amusement park, and so on.

It has other shopping malls like Ningchuncheng, and Anhe commercial building and supermarkets like RT-Mart.

Recommended Goods

Beihai is rich in marine resource which includes seafood production. Every early morning, fishermen would go to sea to hunt seafood. If you want to have a good meal of seafood, you may buy some seafood and ask chefs to cook for you. In Beihai, where should you buy such fresh seafood? Nanwan seafood market in Weizhou Island has various fresh seafood, like shrimp, scallop, abalone and flatfish. Beihai aquatic market is a large wholesale market for dried seafood and pearl. It has two floors, and in the first floor, there are several hundred kinds of dried seafood, like sandworm, shrimp, cuttlefish, sea snail meat, and laver. The second floor has lots of peals in sale.

Southern pearl is famous in China, and its original producing place is in Beihai. Southern pearl is called Nanzhu in Chinese, and it is honored as queen of pearl in sea. Southern pearl is generated by pinctada martensii, and it is big, round and glamorous, known as a national treasure. Hepu is the main production place of Southern pearl, and is officially identified as the origin place of Southern pearl. It has a long history of gathering pearls. According to historical records, in the Qin Dynasty, Southern pearl is brought the Emperor.  If you like pearls, you may buy some southern pearls in Beihai. Nanzhugong is an enterprise of culturing seawater pearl, and located in Chating road, Haicheng district. In this building, you can see many pearls, and pearl ornament in sale.

Beihai is a city with a low latitude, and it is a good place suitable for growing a great number of fruit. It has lots of subtropical fruit and tropical fruit, and popular local fruit are litchi, mango, banana and jackfruit. Beihai fruit market located in Chongqing road, Haicheng district is a wholesale market for fruit. It has various fresh fruit, like mango, litchi, banana, wax apple, sugar apple, durian, jackfruit and pineapple.

Beihai has many local specialties, like seafood, fruit, pearl, shell carving and other handcrafts. If you want to buy local specialties like dessert, you may go to tourist-oriented shops which have almost all local specialties. In Weizhou Island, you may go to Ke jia workshop of special souvenir. Those stores are in a large number in Beihai, and they may be in railway station, airport and shopping malls, and may be close to hotels.

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