Beihai Food

Beihai has many delicious food and snacks, which would tease your bud, and those cuisines are mainly cooked from seafood. Due to its coastal location, Beihai is rich in marine resource and has a large production of seafood, and Beihai people like to eat seafood.


Green bean fried with ghost crab juice/沙蟹汁炒豆角 is a local simple course, and it is well-known to outsiders due to a national food show, A Bite of China. Its ingredients are green bean, and juice made from ghost crab, and the seasoning is garlic. First step is to fry garlic in oil, and then cook green bean with the garlic, and last is to add ghost crab juice and cook it  with green bean for several minutes.

Sandworm and shredded bamboo shoot soup/沙虫笋丝汤 is a dish well-known in Guangxi. Its ingredients are dried sandworm,  and dried shred bamboo shoot. The cooking of this dish is simple, and the first step before cooking is to soak dried bamboo shoot in water for a long time and wash sandworm clean and soak it in warm water, the second step is to dry the bamboo shoot and sandworm in a pot, the third step is to prepare a chicken soup or a bone soup and put bamboo shoot and sandworm into the soup and cook them together. The cooked soup is nutritious and a little sweet.

Shui dan zheng hua xie/水蛋蒸花蟹 is a dish cooked from egg and sea crab. The ingredients are egg and sea crab, and the cooking method is steaming. The first step is to clean sea crab, cut it into pieces and soak it yellow rice wine for ten minutes, the second step is to put egg juice in a bowl and stir egg white to mix with yolk and the third step is to steam sea crab and egg juice together with seasoning. This dish keeps well the flavor of crab and egg.

Scalded prawns/白灼虾 is a course of shrimp. The shrimp is eaten with dipping sauce. The first step to make this dish is to clean shrimp and make dipping sauce. The dipping sauce is made frpm shredded red pepper, sesame oil, salt, light soy sauce, ginger, and green onion. The second step is to boil water by big fire, add fresh shrimp in the boiling water and cook it thoroughly. The dipping sauce may be different according to different flavors.  

Except these dishes, Beihai has many other dishes made from seafood, like pu fish steamed with sour plum/酸梅蒸蒲鱼, and + kinds of fish soups.


Snacks of Beihai are made from local food products, thus they are somewhat related with seafood. It has some famous snacks like prawn cake/虾饼,zhu jiao fen/猪脚粉, zie zai fen/蟹仔粉, rice noodles roll, steamed rice milk/杯仔米乙, congee, and tong sui

Prawn cake is a fried snack with a high calorie, and it is crispy and delicious. The cake is made from prawn meat, flour, green onion, Sichuan pepper, salt and sweet wine, then it is fried thoroughly in oil.

Zhu jiao fen/猪脚粉 is a snack of rice noodles, popular in the south of Guangxi. The ingredients are rice noodles, pettitoes, and seasonal vegetable. The cooking of pettitoes is time-consuming, and pettitoes are cooked with dozens of spices, like anise, tangerine peel, cinnamon and clove. Xie zai fen/蟹仔粉is a Vietnam snack brought to Beihai by returned overseas Chinese, and it is actually a  kind of rice noodles. The most important is to make the soup, and its ingredients are crab cream and tomato. And the seasoning are green onion, ginger and so on.

xie zi fen

Food Street

Beihai downtown has several food streets frequently visited by local people, and in those streets, you can eat local food and snacks of Beihai, and have a cup of local drinks.

Beihai old street has all kinds of snacks like prawn cake, and it also has pubs, café stores and other special stores.  Night market in Chongqing road has many barbecue stalls, which grill seafood and meat, and also sell fried rice noodles and fried noodles. Qiaogang flavor street has snacks of Vietnam flavor like rice noodles roll and tong sui.  Beibu Gulf square is in the center of Beihai, and surrounding the square, there are food streets and lots of restaurants and snack stores.


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