Entertainment in Beihai

Every city has its own entertainment, and some entertainment activities may be similar, and some have local style. People live in coastal areas, eat seafood, watch marine animals and like to play water sports.

In Beihai, one special thing is to see ocean scenery. As a coastal city, it has a long coastal lines, which provides space for seeing ocean scenery and playing around the coastal lines. Beihai has several sand beaches, and the most famous one is Silver Beach. Dadunhai is a gulf, and it has a big beach. Haijing road is built along a section of coastal lines, specially for watching ocean scenery, and it is also a good place to have a running and walk in early morning or nightfall. People may go to these places to see ocean scenery, sunrise and sunset, and they go to beaches to pick conches and sea nails in water. In summer nightfalls, people would go swimming and have a walk or a rest in a beach which is cool. In Silver Beaches, you may buy swimwear, rent a swimming ring, and have a shower after swimming, and it also has food stalls which sell drinks and juice, and kebabs. Night scenery of beach, ocean and sky is very beautiful in summer.

In daytime, people may go shopping, watch a film and have a good meal in shopping malls and shopping centers, and they may go Beihai Ocean Window and Beihai Underwater World to see ocean animals and deep ocean scenery. Beihai has many cinemas, Evergrande Cinemes is one of the biggest cinemas, located in No.88 Jinhai’an road, and it has seven deluxe film offices, and one of them is a VIP film office. Wanda Cinema is also a popular one, and located in Nanyang international plaza, and it has seven film offices. One is a XLAND film office with an ultra-clear huge screen, and one is a 4DX film office with motion seats. Beihai Ocean Window and Beihai Underwater World both show underwater scenery, and they both have exhibition halls for marine animals, time tunnel,  animal performance and 4D movie theater,  but they are not the same. The two are education bases for youth, and every year, young students in Beihai would go these two places to learn about marine animals and ocean world.

People may to museums for visiting. Southern pearl museum is built specially for Southern pearl which is a general name for pearl produced in Beihai. The museum has samples for pearl, conches  and other animals, and it has two precious things, one is the biggest natural seawater pear, king of southern peal, and another one is the crown of ocean. It also tells the growing process of pearl and the history and culture of southern pearl. Beihai shell museum is to show shell carving. It has over three hundred invaluable shell samples, and displays shell decorations and shell carvings. It also has an experiencing zone for making shell carvings. The two museums are for Beihai people to know about their culture and inherit it.


In the evening,  people begin to have their night life. Young people may go to barbecue stalls in night markets to eat roasted seafood and meat, may go to a nightclub to have drinks and have dancing, may go to a KTV to sing songs, and they may go to fitness centers to shape their bodies, or to gyms to play sports. The old people usually have a walk, and have a square.

For tourists in Beihai, you may go and learn something about Beihai culture, you may go swimming and in supervised swimming areas of the ocean, you may go surfing in the ocean, and you may learn how to hunt seafood by taking a boat with local fishermen. Besides, you may entertain yourself as the Beihai people do.

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